Posted On:- March 21, 2022, Rentals One Group Realty

Buying land and plots is always a challenging task. Whether you are a first-time investor or have certain experience in the business, choosing the right plot within the right budget and unfurling the legal complexities – it is always a wise idea to take the help of the best real estate agent Epping. They have the required experience and understanding of whatnot in the real estate sector. More often than not, there are advertisements for  “ready to develop” plots. If you are looking for a new house and land packages in Melbourne west, it is necessary to understand the maze of the plans and permits associated with the property owner. But these  “ready to develop” plots are not the best option to buy. If you are wondering why here are the main reasons –

You’re in This for Your Profit – Not Someone Else’s

People invest in private property development projects in order to make money. You want to be able to walk away with a profit. Why would you go through the lengthy process of developing a successful product? When a builder sells a plot of land with plans and licenses, it’s because they want to increase the value of the property for themselves — they want to make a profit.

Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Problems and Become Locked In

Checking thoroughly everything before pulling the trigger is an important aspect of successful property development. In every decision, you must remain cool, calm, and composed. You know everything and may be prepared for any eventuality when you handle your own planning and permits. You’ve thought about encumbrances, regulations, basic infrastructure, site orientation, and everything else there is to think about. You can be buying someone else’s difficulties if you buy land with designs and permits attached. You do need faith in your networks in this game, but a random developer selling a piece of land isn’t one of them. They’re a random developer looking to sell a piece of property. Don’t buy other people’s troubles; it’s akin to playing the dice.

When a building permit is given, it signifies that the project must be constructed in accordance with the approved designs. There is no room for flexibility or variety. The local government (the council) has given it the green light. This implies that you have no control on the appearance of the properties, their features, or anything else. You are fully enslaved by the accepted plans. There is no room for creativity or to tweak or adjust anything. You’re firmly ensconced. You also can’t be certain that the developer did a good job with the plans. For all you know, they could be garbage.  And going back and changing the plans and permits is a major bother and a substantial expense.

It’s Better to Do it Yourself

If you’re a first-time property developer, learning is the best method to move ahead. Knowledge is both powerful and valuable. You’re missing out on a tremendous learning experience if you just go in and acquire land with designs and permits. Even if you avoid the hazards discussed in this article, you will still be missing out if you do not understand the planning and permitting procedure. It’s a crucial process, particularly the plan of subdivision component, and neglecting these crucial steps in the project would result in you selling yourself short. Those who pay attention have been shown to go ahead in this game (and by ahead, we mean making a decent profit).

It is far preferable to go through the procedure yourself so that you can learn and grow from it. 

If you’re not up for the fight, we recommend enlisting expert assistance, such as consulting or hiring a project management firm to handle the physical labor so you don’t have to.