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Buying Tips + Checklist


Get Your Finances Ready

When you are looking of the desired property in the market, its essential to get the finances ready as the you can get the right deal anytime. Either you should have the cash flow available to fund the purchase by yourself or you should engage a mortgage broker. Sooner is better to get pre-approval which will help you understand how much money you can borrow and then you can focus on properties which is under your budget. It will save your time and also allow you to strike the right deal at the right time. So once the find the right property with pre-approval in place you will be able to get final approval and here you go. Get your dream property without any hassles.


Find The Right Conveyancer

Conveyancer is a legal representative who can give you all required information about any property, prepare documentation and help you through the settlement process. Conveyancer work between both the parties ( buyer & seller) and streamline the whole process as there is lot of documentation to be completed and legal formalities. By having a good conveyancer you can rest assure that the whole transaction can be a smooth experience. However, you must check some client reviews and also make sure conveyancer is licensed in the state or territory where you are buying or selling.


Property Inspection Before You Buy

As you have decided to buy your desired property but before you move it a comprehensive property check must be done to avoid any later surprises. We suggest to hire a professional property inspector, which will cost you some money but eventually it will help you understand if there is any major repair or other issues which you can raise before finalizing the deal. Few of the important aspects of any property are exact dimensions, structure of building, plumbing, drainage, wiring, dampness, cracks in walls, pest infestation, fence, zoning or building restrictions and any easement.


Get The Initial Deposit Ready

So when it’s time to buy you must have 10-12% amount ready of the whole amount as it will cover your initial deposit or any additional expenses like conveyancer, property inspections etc. You conveyancer will also be in a position to guide you upfront when you need this amount and how much need exactly. Its very important that you have this sum ready because without this payment you can’t hold any property during auction and also during private treaty you will need to have this amount ready to transfer.