Posted On:- April 23, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

When taking on a house sale in Mickleham you need to be fully aware of the process and what must happen when. There are a number of elements that most think they are familiar with but in fact have picked up false information along the way. In order to attempt to help you have a better understanding of the process, here are a few mistakes to avoid when going through the motions, as told by our professionals.

Setting An Unrealistic Price

The asking price for a home is key. It will dictate the level of buyer as well as the requirements of the property to allow for the acceptance of the price. Unrealistic price setting leads to a hard selling process with few buyers and a vastly reduced end price. A comparative market analysis is one way to get a good idea of what similar properties are being bought for. Buyers will do this for your property as well to ensure it is within the expected market price range. You may think your property is worth more, but remember to set a realistic amount in order to attactic legitimate buyers.

Expecting Your Asking Price

Most buyers will negotiate. It’s almost expected. Getting the asking price right off the bat or without a long discussion is all but unheard of. When you set the amount to sell you can expect to get below that amount. Most transactions will involve potential buyers making an offer towards the seller which may develop into a small bidding war. Regardless, the final selling price will seldom match, or be higher, than the original asking price.

Selling During Winter Months

There really are right and wrong times to sell over the course of the year. Winter, or mid-holiday season are both typically a slow time for the property market. Most people use these times of year to enjoy their homes or get out and enjoy their time off, few are looking to take on the tresses of buying or selling property. If fewer buyers are looking, it may take far longer to sell your home, and it often results in accepting a lowball offer out of desperation and no interest.

Not Investing In Listing Photos

As so many buyers look for homes online these days, you need to have proper images of the space that shows off the best features. Often bad images will deter potential buyers from investigating further, even if an ideal property. Investing in good, strategic shots of your space is an ideal way to attract buyers.

If you are looking to take on a house sale in Mickleham, be sure to know what the process requires and how best to prepare your property. With expert advice you can ensure that you have all the bases covered and are ready for every buyer. If you need assistance, be sure to contact us directly for a professional hand!