Property Solutions by Our Property Manager in Melbourne

When you are a busy landlord or if you have too many properties to handle, chances are that you might not find time to attend to the needs and requirements of your tenants. This will leave some work pending, creating a negative impression about yourself. Also, unavailability might lead to financial confusions if you are not able to track payment and backlogs in a timely manner. Just like moving in, moving out is also a hectic process for the tenant and there will be several things that will need to be settled. In such scenarios, it might be practical to hire a property manager to handle the running and management of your properties. Property management companies can provide you with a property manager based on your needs and requirements. Here are some ways in which a professional from a property management service will simplify your life.

  1. Marketing – Like any other commodity, properties also need to be marketed to bring in a purchase. A certified property manager will devise the required strategies to market your residential or commercial property well.
  2. Screening – It is important to have good tenants as they are hassle free. A professional from a rental property management service comes with experience and will do the right background checks and scrutiny to get you only the best tenants.
  3. Maintenance – Maintenance is key in a property. Over time, the need for repairs and services will arise and a property manager will attend to all of them. This means there will be no delays or complaints and the tenants are happy.
  4. Inspection – Common areas and common facilities need to be inspected in a timely manner to detect any wear and tear. The property manager will get this fixed, ensuring that everything is in place.
  5. Finance – Rent collection is an inevitable part of the job. The owner can be assured that the finances are managed and accounted for in a professional manner.

Leading Property Manager of Real Estate Management Services in Melbourne

One Group Realty is synonymous with excellence in the real estate sector of Melbourne. We strive to offer high-quality, affordable real estate services and advice to our clients. We have an extensive clientele of satisfied customers including homeowners, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, and industries. One Group Realty comes with an in-depth understanding of the property market in Melbourne and has an ever-growing database of the choicest properties in the region. We customize our solutions as per client preference and offer them exactly what they want. Some of our services are:

  • Buying
  • Renting
  • Selling
  • Auctions
  • Open times
  • Alerts
  • Market Appraisal
  • Landlord services
  • Leasing

We are widely known for our professional property management services for both individual and business clients. Some of the leading corporate clients have hired property managers from One Group Realty to manage their conglomerate of business operations and offices. Well-trained, professional personnel with impeccable understanding of marketing strategies and management is a promise of One Group Realty.

If you are looking for a certified property manager, visit our website at For more details on our property management services or other real estate agent services, call us on 03 9401 4004 or mail us at