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Renting Tips + Checklist


Make A Must Have List, Find Property and Apply

Before even you start searching your next nest, make a must have and nice to have list. To give you are an idea, list down bedrooms, car spaces, pet-friendly, smoke friendly, how easily you can get nearest public transport and then go for browsing on various properties portal or contact your local rental management company. Once you are able to find the suitable property it’s the time for first property inspection and time to apply


Read Tenancy Agreement

Most of the tenants ignore tenancy agreement and submit it without reading it. Often tenancy agreements are standard and simple but sometimes you will find stricter clauses around smoke, pets, fire and noise levels are added. So you must be aware about everything of the house you are going to live in. As you know this agreement is a legal document so its better to have another set of eyes to go through it before you sign it.


Inspecting The Rental Property

Your property manager will provide you a property report which should have all the aesthetic and functional conditions of the property. We strongly suggest to check everything and take photos during your property visit. Let property manager and owner know if you find anything which needs to be fixed before you move in or any minor issues so that later you are not held responsible for any of these issues. Take as much photos as you can for your future reference and always send email of these photos to your property manager and owner.


Agreements, Bonds and Reports

Once your application is approved then you will be handed over several documents. This includes a copy of tenancy agreement, bond lodgement form and condition report. You will need to sign and submit back to your property manager. Also you will receive a receipt of initial amount, photocopy of keys, remote control and emergency contact details.