Posted On:- July 22, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

Many people wish to build their dream house from scratch. You will most probably already know what it should look like before you start searching for vacant land for sale. Before you get excited, there are a couple of things you should consider.

Legal considerations

When you plan to build on the ground, the first thing you should do is get approval from the local council. Many blocks of land for sale in Mickleham have terms and agreements that place certain building materials under restrictions. Monitoring these limits before you buy will enable you to adjust your plans to suit your budget plan.


Analyse the land’s proximity to conveniences like shops, schools, parks, hospitals and public transport. If you decide to rent the land or sell it, these amenities will guarantee your investment will get better returns over the long term.


Is there sufficient space? Are the land zoned accurately? Will the house fit within the restricted location? Are the streets nearby in good condition? If you are reliant upon cellular coverage – a test that there is adequate reception and coverage in the area.

Utility Services

Ensure that there are electricity services, water and sewerage pipes accessible on the land for sale Mickleham. Ensure you know about the accessibility of utility services such as water, sewage, gas, internet and power to your plot. Decide if these provisions are already set up. If they aren’t, find out the expenses of installing and factor these into your budget plan.

Size and Shape 

The design and plan of your home will mainly depend upon the shape and size of the land you buy. Purchasing a square of land that is rectangular is a popular option, especially for resale. Before buying, consider what your plan is for the land for sale in Mickleham.

Type of Home You Need to Construct 

Decide who you will be building the home with. A family with kids would ideally require a backyard and multiple rooms, while retired folks or young professionals may look for low maintenance. Appropriately, decide if you can adjust the block of land to these requirements.

Neighbouring Properties 

Finally, taking a look at neighbouring properties can give you a vague idea of the issues nearby.

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