Posted On:- April 26, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

When looking to put your Mill Park house up for sale there are a few things you need to remember in order to have the smoothest experience possible. Seen as one of the most stressful undertakings, rather find a professional, experienced hand to guide you through the chaos and show you how to navigate every element of the process. Here are our thoughts on what you need to think about before completing the process.

Award A Sole Mandate To One Agent

A sole agent will often be able to get a much higher price for a property as their focus is on quality and not speed. When competing with an open client, it is better to have any potential opportunity than to have the best one. When you grant a sole mandate, more energy, advertising expenditure and time is also invested into the marketing of your property.

Set An Accurate Price

It is critical to price your home correctly in order to attract more serious buyers. If you overprice your home it either won’t sell, or it will take far longer than expected and end up costing you more in upkeep. Buyers are streetwise and know immediately when a property is overpriced.

Disclose Issues

While it may be difficult to mention the defects in the home to potential buyers, it is always best to show everything upfront than have it factored in later. The dishonesty, apart from the unethical nature of it, often leads to losing buyers or having to heavily reduce the asking price to make up for it in the selling process. When you are upfront about the issues they are aware of what they are investing in.

Get Your Home Show Ready

Make your space neat and tidy, inviting, elegant, or however you want people to perceive it when they walk in. There are many ways people suggest sprucing up your home before a viewing, from baking cookies to mowing the lawn, putting flowers in the entrance, making coffee or lighting incense, all to attempt an inviting warm atmosphere within the home. It is also best to remove fixtures you don’t want included before show days commence so that this won’t cause misunderstandings with the buyer later.

When looking at your house sale in Mill Park, there are many elements to consider and think over thoroughly. With many details to layout, a professional guide is often the best way to manage the entries process effectively. With someone by your side working for you, you will get the best possible understanding of your property selling experience. Contact us today to speak to the team!