Posted On:- May 13, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

Buying land is a dream for many people. How can you anticipate problems before they happen? What do you need to know to avoid headaches down the road? Most people don’t know for sure how buying land works. Even fewer people understand how investing in land is a strategic move. If buying land for sale in Woodstock is something you plan on doing, One Group Realty has listed some tips to make the process effortless.

Tips From Our Expert Realtors

When looking at land, it is always good to get your builder to inspect the preferred area, compare it to others for a square meter rate, start by assuming the block is flat and square, subtract from there for things like slope, trees, irregular shapes etc. That will help you determine a fair market value.

  • Zoning Restrictions – Before you buy land for sale in Woodstock, be sure to research zoning regulations for both your property and the surrounding area. Councils have strict rules regarding what block of land can be used, for residential, commercial, industrial.
  • Water Source – Do you know how the preferred land connects to water sources? What about restrictions on water usage or collecting your rainwater? Water is an essential utility, so it’s necessary to know your obligations and options.
  • Safety From Bushfires and Flooding – Australia is a country of extremes. Depending on where your block of land is situated, it could be at risk of both fire and flooding.
  • Utility Access – What companies can connect your gas, electrical and water. How much do they cost, and is there any competition? Rates can differ depending on where your new homes are located, so take the time to source information about the companies that can provide your utilities.
  • The Type Of Home You Want To Build – Ultimately, you want a property to suit your way of living and the home you want to build. Look through our range of homes on the market for ideas or talk to our team of realtors about how we can assist you in buying land for sale in Woodstock.

We strive to get the best rates for numerous options of commercial properties, making it a feasible and economical deal for all involved parties.

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