Posted On:- August 23, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

The possibilities of purchasing and owning vacant land to develop your own dream home are limitless. However, when buying vacant land for sale in Kalkallo, there are a few extra factors to consider.


The location of an empty block will, of course, ought to be regarded when making a purchase, as the local council has by-laws that govern what is permitted in particular regions. As a result, it’s a good idea to look into the applicable by-laws to see if they have any bearing on the property’s proposed building or usage. Any stipulations in the title deed that may restrict or govern how their property is developed should be reviewed by a potential buyer. These limitations are usually in place to safeguard the area’s aesthetics and natural beauty. That seems to be true of many gated communities with their own set of restrictions. For example, the homeowner’s organisation may only allow a particular house style to blend in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Loans for the acquisition of undeveloped land because vacant land is considered a riskier investment, financial institutions are less likely to grant 100 percent financing to Australian people. However, this does not rule out the possibility. The size of the property and the location in which it is located will influence whether or not you can finance the acquisition. Furthermore, if a more significant payment is required, the bond will be approved more quickly. It’s also a good idea to have some extra cash on hand in case unexpected expenses occur. It’s vital to comprehend each bank’s mortgage lending, as well as their risk profile for employed versus self-employed candidates.

Process and Costs

Although it is generally thought that buying property and building a house is less expensive, one must be careful and examine all expenditures. Design and building expenses are necessary charges to consider because they must fit into your entire budget. Building expenditures frequently surpass the initial budget if they are not thoroughly considered, monitored, and agreed upon by all stakeholders ahead of time.

However, there are some risks associated with owning vacant land. Doing some homework could be the difference between owning a potential asset or a liability. Consulting with a real estate agent familiar with the land for sale in Kalkallo and providing great insight and guidance is the best action plan. Visit our real estate agents in Epping or our website at