Posted On:- May 3, 2021, Andreas Demetriou

One Group Realty is a Melbourne-based real estate agent that deals with an array of real estate properties in the region. We attend to all sorts of real estate dealings for individuals interested in purchasing, selling, and renting commercial and residential properties. Are you looking for a house sale in Roxburgh Park? You have come to the right place. It is a great place to live. As an up and coming prime location, it is easy to get to anywhere from here.

Investment Property in Roxburgh Park

Roxburgh Park in Melbourne’s north offers reasonable affordability and has recorded a healthy annual price growth since 2016. Current infrastructure and residential developments are also likely to ensure demand for property in the area remains high through this year.

How To Decide Where To Buy Investment Property

Whether you’re looking to invest in property in Melbourne or elsewhere, deciding on the property comes down to many factors. Some of the most important things to consider include:

Rental Yields

You have a high chance that you’ll be taking out a loan to fund the house sale in Roxburgh Park, so you want to make sure that the average rent for the area is comparable to your mortgage repayments. In areas where rents are exceptionally high compared to the property value, you might even be able to enjoy a cash surplus after you’ve made your monthly loan repayment.

Low vacancy rates

A high vacancy rate can also indicate that the area isn’t a desirable place to live. That could make it troublesome to rent out or sell in future. Low vacancy rates mean more security for you in terms of guaranteed yields and resale value.


Keep an eye out for planned infrastructure in the house sale in Roxburgh Park you’re considering. New public transport options, shops, parks, and other large developments often signal a significant boost in price growth and demand.

  • Lots of options for roads.
  • Plenty of good schools around the area.
  • Lots of shops around with variety.
  • Multicultural area.
  • People are friendly.
  • Great sporting clubs to join.
  • Fifteen minutes to the airport, 20 minutes to the city.

Should you find a house sale in Roxburgh Park, that will also give you access to in-depth information about the sales history in the area and comparable property sales. For an indicator of what a property may be worth. For more information and services, call us on 03 9401 4004 or mail us at